Sarah Davies

Who am I? I’m interested in relationships and presence. I’m fascinated in the creative process and in bringing this into my movement classes.¬†I’m exploring how to be in the world, how to be in the now, with my family, as an artist and the art of living everyday as well as I can.

sarahdaviesphotoforwebsiteI have been studying moving meditation since 1998 when, through Shamanic trance-dance and Gestalt therapy I found my way to 5Rhythms. In 2008 I completed the 5Rhythms teacher training with Gabrielle Roth. My main teachers were then Sue Rickards, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. I went on to work with Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman and Andrea Juhan. After Gabrielle Roth’s death in 2012 I continued to work with this team as they formed Open Floor International and I hopped into the group of Founding Members.

Initially I went to Art School: Fine Art BA at Manchester Polytechnic, MA in Digital Moving Image (Animation) at London Metropolitan University. After some years working with Multimedia I’ve returned to making Sculpture and Drawing.

I live in East Sussex with my 13yr old son and partner of 18 years.

Modalities that I teach

Open Floor

5 Rhythms






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