Sarah Davies

Who am I? I’m interested in relationships and presence. I’m fascinated in the creative process and in bringing this into my movement classes. I’m exploring how to be in the world, how to be in the now, with my family, as an artist and the art of living everyday as well as I can.

sarahdaviesphotoforwebsiteI have been studying moving meditation since 1998 when, through Shamanic trance-dance and Gestalt therapy I found my way to 5Rhythms. In 2008 I completed the 5Rhythms teacher training with Gabrielle Roth. My main teachers were then Sue Rickards, Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. I went on to work with Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman and Andrea Juhan. After Gabrielle Roth’s death in 2012 I continued to work with this team as they formed Open Floor International and I hopped into the group of Founding Members.

Initially I went to Art School: Fine Art BA at Manchester Polytechnic, MA in Digital Moving Image (Animation) at London Metropolitan University. After some years working with Multimedia I’ve returned to making Sculpture and Drawing.

I live in East Sussex with my 13yr old son and partner of 18 years.