Bare Bones – Open Floor workshop in Brighton

Bare Bones – Open Floor workshop in Brighton

Bare Bones is a dance meditation for building muscular intelligence, the ability to be awake and fluid, to articulate the innate symphony of wisdom and expression waiting just below our skin. We ask our bodies and let them speak:

  • What part of me has forgotten how to move?
  • Where am I fluid and where am I bound?
  • What gestures purr, hum, hurt, hesitate?
  • Who do I gravitate towards?
  • What propels me to shy away and…
  • What makes my body sing?

Our inquiry becomes one of ratio: How much of our huge life force is devoted to keeping ourselves moving in repetitive, habitual patterns? How much is left for creativity, loving connections, the willing surrender to change? The goal is a body that moves with it all and tells the tale. This is the infinite choreography for Bare Bones.

Dates: 20-22nd October 2017
Times: Friday 7.30–9.30pm, Saturday 10–6, Sunday 10–4
Cost: £155 / £135 concessions 10% discount if booked by 15th September
Venue: Exeter Street Hall, Brighton, England BN1 5PG

For more info, or to secure your place with a non-refundable deposit of £50, contact Anna:

Dance Your Art Out – An Art in Motion Blended Ongoing Group

Dance Your Art Out – An Art in Motion Blended Ongoing Group

“We are meant to midwife dreams for one another. Success occurs in clusters.” Julia Cameron

We make artful mini-decisions all the time on the dance floor, decisions about direction, tempo, momentum and which risks to take. We become adapt at playing in a particular way, at moving the texture or flavour of our own energy and seeing ourselves from a new perspective. The aim of this ‘Dance Your Art Out’ is to translate these skills into another artistic medium, using easy-to-do art techniques. When we strengthen our artistic habits, our creative aliveness can flourish into far-reaching aspects of our lives, dreams, dinner plates, wardrobes, relationships, passions and problem solving. Creativity is an adventurous process; it can be exciting, bewildering, scary, sexy, surprising and transcendent. Whether you love expressing yourself through art or think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you’re welcome.

Between the weekends there will be a creative project to explore, you will be given some of the materials for this on the first Weekend and support throughout via online check-in webinars and small peer groups.

An ongoing group is a force unto itself, we can feel supported and seen in an entirely new way, the online aspect of this group means we can explore our art in safety of our own spaces, yet are supported by a small group.

Weekend dates: January 12–14 & March 30–1 April 2018
Weekend times: Friday 7.30–9.30pm, Saturday 10.30–6, Sunday 10.30–5
Weekend venue: Green Rooms Arts Hotel, Wood Green, London N22 6UW (discount for hotel accommodation available)
Between the weekends: ten online check-in webinars: Thursdays 10–11am (uk time) (recorded if you can’t join then) & weekly small group online support.

Cost: £410, early bird: £370 if booked by 2nd December 2017

Contact Audrey:

Sarah Davies is a founder member of Open Floor, she is an artist passionate about movement as a catalyst to creativity.


ARTiculate Your Soul

Articulate Your Soul Art and Dance Workshop

Articulate Your Soul

As we dance we get closer to ourselves and closer to how and who we are. This is a movement workshop that combines some element of artwork using simple techniques accessible to everyone.

Whether you love expressing yourself through art or think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, this workshop is for anyone who wants to play, bring more creativity into every aspect of their lives and feel more confident about making mistakes.

Our creativity is a gift. We will explore how we shape, own, transform and share this gift through dance and artistic expression. Explore what it’s like to be messy, do it wrong, take risks and be surprised by what you’ll discover when you articulate your soul and offer your gift to the world.

Place: Saltzberg, Austria
Time: 24-26 November 2017
Contact: Beatrice Kraus