ARTiculate Your Soul

Articulate Your Soul Art and Dance Workshop

Articulate Your Soul

As we dance we get closer to ourselves and closer to how and who we are. This is a movement workshop that combines some element of artwork using simple techniques accessible to everyone.

Whether you love expressing yourself through art or think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, this workshop is for anyone who wants to play, bring more creativity into every aspect of their lives and feel more confident about making mistakes.

Our creativity is a gift. We will explore how we shape, own, transform and share this gift through dance and artistic expression. Explore what it’s like to be messy, do it wrong, take risks and be surprised by what you’ll discover when you articulate your soul and offer your gift to the world.

Place: Saltzberg, Austria
Time: 24-26 November 2017
Contact: Beatrice Kraus